Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mouse Obsession

Not really sure how it happened, but Baylee seems to have an obsession with mice.  It began when she was about 5 months old when she became attached to one of CC's mice she would set out during Christmas.  It is a Pufalumps Christmas mouse....(really???)  Anyway, she would sleep with this mouse, but it would stay in her crib when she would wake big deal, right? We wouldn't take it Nana's or anywhere else for that matter.  Now, we take it when she spends the night out and she carries it around the house at times.   Her fascination with mice has now grown into carrying around Mickey and Minnie, although she has never even seen a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon.  She is really just into mice!!!  

I used her love for Minnie to catch her giving a wink!  Her latest new trick!

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